Waayeel Consulting Conducted a leadership workshop to

Somaliland Journalist’s Association (SOLJA)


The Waayeel Consulting’s first training course on the 7 habits of highly effective people took place at Saba restaurant from 17th  to 18th  January, 2018 for the newly elected SOLJA board members to uplift their leadership capabilities. Reviews shown that the attendees attained the intended results from the training.

Speaking at the opening of the course, Minister of Information Abdirahman Guribarwaqo enlightened that this training is one of its kind that have been induced in their team and will transform the working structure of Somaliland Media. He has shown a very high gratitude to the points that the team pulled out through the course of the training.

Mr. Saed Abdilahi Saed, the managing director of Waayeel Consulting LTD emphasized the importance of such professional training courses for the representatives of Somaliland’s Media Outlets.  He mentioned that this is a beginning and they will definitely assist SOLJA in reaching their organizational goals and mandates.

The objective of the training was to assess the current thinking and working paradigms of the attendees and to help them develop new efficient and effective paradigms that is aligned with an Islamic way of thinking and transforming the media industry into a an effective and constructive catalyst for the development of this nation.

The training was given to the 15 members of the new elected board and was totally life changing and impactful according to the reviews of the trainees.


Feedback from participants


Mr. Mohamed F. Coomade said; “This is really an outstanding first-of-its-kind course. It is a very helpful tool for acceding the board members to have a better understanding of synergy. This would help the new elected board by working together, diffuse different thoughts to each other, and can debate about the many cases that are currently on-hold and need to be suit-cased for the coming 3 years”.
Ms. Hayat Naleye, a board member at SOLJA, said: “This course is a great opportunity for anyone working on journalism or

any other field  to get an overview of the leadership process. I solely benefited from this course on how to build a team that

could work together, think together, and develop together.

Mr. Saleban Ibrahim, the General Director of Bulsho TV, said: “This course will provide us with tools to contribute more effectively to our accession process on our companies and SOLJA itself. It is covering all aspects related to negotiations, leadership, putting first things first and win-win approach. This will lead us to the right path of the company’s long-term goals.


This program is designed for upcoming and new Managers, Supervisors and current Leaders in any organization looking to achieve self-mastery and success in work and life. The 7 Habits work session addresses core competencies such as; Self-awareness, Self-mastery, Empathy, Effective Communication, Relationship Management, Life Balance, Integrity, Trust, Listening, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Valuing Differences, Innovation, and Priority Setting.