Entrepreneurship and SME Support: Averagely, 90 per cent of companies in most countries are SMEs. They account for up to 60 per cent of the employment and contribute significant proportions of their countries’ GDP. Entrepreneurship and SME are considered as the seedbed for innovation and a key driver of economic growth and job creation. We passionately support SMEs and Startup development by helping them establish robust systems for the success of their businesses. The ultimate goal of this mission is the cultivation of entrepreneurial talent, improved employment opportunities and job creation, as well as economic growth.

Our Services in this area include:

  1. Start-up Support Initiative
  2. Facilitating Access to Finance
  3. Business Incubator Development and Implementation
  4. Business Planning
  5. Workshops and Seminars.

Key Personnel

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Samiya Abdi

Community builder, Social Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker

Community builder, Social Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker. She is passionate about creating safe nonjudgmental spaces that foster growth, allow for failure and transformational learning. Her experience spans from co-creating creative community engagement to co-founding international movements and managed multimillion projects. Samiya won The Women of the year award 2018 (for distinctive Social Activism). MA in Public Health, Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation and Systems Thinking.

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Dr Atef Shebrawy

SME Banking and Corporate Development Expert.

A project builder & Entrepreneur, Expert in SME banking & corporate development, specialized in elaboration and establishment of development projects for over 25 years. Ph.D in Numerical Modelling. Dr Atef has helped corporate companies and start-ups in many countries including France, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Italy, England, etc.

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Leyla Nassir Kemal

Certified Entrepreneurship

A certified Entrepreneurship Master Trainer with over 10 years of experience as a Trainer, Entrepreneur and Business Developer. Expert in International Trade and Strategic Management. B.A. Degree in Business Management, B.Sc. in Information Systems, Masters in Business Administration-MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Interest Free Banking and Finance.