Islamic Banking and Finance: Islamic finance has emerged and proved itself as an effective tool for financing development and growth worldwide with an annual growth rate of 15%. Over the past decade, our region has embraced Islamic finance by a notable increase in financial inclusion and fund mobilization. In order to ensure healthy and sustainable growth, we are offering a broad range and reliable, world class consultancy and capacity building services for the financial and regulatory institutions.

Our Services in this Area include:

  1. Product Development and Financial Modelling
  2. Auditing and Shariah Compliance
  3. Islamic Banking Certifications
  4. Tailored Advice and Technical Support

Key Personnel

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Saed Abdillahi Saed

CEO and Founder

Saed A Saed is the CEO and Founder of Waayeel Consulting Limited, which is a boutique consultancy firm based in Eastern Africa

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Jassim Mahadik Ahmed

Islamic Banking and Finance Professional

Islamic banking and finance professional with hands-on experience in the domain of product development, structuring, Shariah compliance and audit, etc. Worked in the areas of retail banking products, trade finance, Sukuk and other Islamic finance products.

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Mansoor Danish

Banking Professional

Banking professional, with MBA in Finance and over 8 years’ experience in broking, investment analysis, and wealth management as well as driving business growth through strategic sales and customer relationship programs with exceptional proficiency in handling Islamic banking operations.

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Abdirahman Hassan Nur

Legal Advisor

With over 10 years’ experience in the field of law and academics, Abdirahman Nur is a senior legal specialist and a member of the

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Sh Saad Subaan

Shariah Advisor and Scholar

Sh. Saad is an established Islamic Scholar and Daee in Switzerland and Somalia. He has traveled extensively in helping Islamic

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Abdikarim Farah Ahmed

Financial Management Expert

With Over 30 years’ experience in the financial management area, performing strategic consulting and advisory in the areas of finance

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Dr. Nissar A. Yatoo

Economist, Professor and Researcher.

Master of Finance and Control (MFC). Ph.D in Islamic Finance. Dr Yattoo is the head of the Department of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance at International Open University. Dr Yattoo is also the Founder of Kashmir Research Forum.

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Dr. Fouzia Jan Sofi

Microfinance Expert, Lecturer & a Researcher

Dr. Fouzia has been in the field of micro-financing as a lecturer and as researcher for 8 years. Dr.Fouzia’s research contributions to the growth of the interest-free Micro-Financing sector throughout Asia. She has PhD in Management Studies with Micro-Financing as a major.