Our Senior Consultants

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A project builder & Entrepreneur, Expert in SME banking & corporate development, specialized in elaboration and establishment of development projects for over 25 years. Ph.D in Numerical Modelling. Dr Atef has helped corporate companies and start-ups in many countries including France, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Italy, England, etc.

Dr Atef Shebrawy

SME Banker and Entrepreneur

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Banking professional, with MBA in Finance and over 8 years’ experience in broking, investment analysis, and wealth management as well as driving business growth through strategic sales and customer relationship programs with exceptional proficiency in handling Islamic banking operations.

Mansoor Danish

Banking Professional & Trainer

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Specialist in Islamic Finance – Sukuk and Takaful, and a researcher in Islamic Economics. Her BA degree is on “Fiqh wa Osoul”; her Master degree thesis is on “Insurance from Sharia Point of View” & her PHD dissertation is on “Restructuring Sukuk”. She is a contributing writer with over 500 compositions on different Islamic economy & Waqf issues to Al Ghad newspaper – Jordan & Islamic Finance and Investment magazine – Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Khawla Al-Nobani

Sukuk and Takaful Specialist

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Researcher and economist, graduate from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Master of Science in economics program, which is accredited by the ACBSP, USA. He is currently a lecturer at the Civil Service Institute. Prior to this, he was a senior data analyst at the National Electoral Commission.

Khalid Abdi

Researcher & Economist

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Post Graduate in HRD with over 15 years of experience, Well-equipped in devising and implementing coherent HR strategies whilst improving internal processes & procedures. Multi-skilled and well acquainted with all associated functions pertaining to Administration and HR.

Sami Fahad Khan

HR & Operations Expert

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Research and M&E specialist, passionate for evidence-based practices and the factors that drive socioeconomic changes. Focused on Social & Development Work. BA in Education & Research.

Kennedy Okowa

Researcher & S&E Specialist

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Dr. Fouzia has been in the field of micro-financing as a lecturer and as researcher for 8 years. Dr.Fouzia’s research contributions to the growth of the interest-free Micro-Financing sector throughout Asia was impactfull and helpfull. She has PhD in Management Studies with Micro-Financing as a major.

Dr Fouzia Jan Sofi

Micro Finance Expert

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Financial Management and Auditing Expert with over 9 years of experience in auditing, financial management and controlling. Amaresha holds MBA in Finance & Investment Banking. Worked with leading financial and payment gateway channels in the Middle East and India.

Amaresha Shetty

Financial Manager & Auditor

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Academician, Training Expert and Content Development Specialist. With over 30 years’ Experience in the Field of Academics and Training. Established Educational Institutions in many countries including Costa Rica, Egypt, Solomon Islands, Somalia and her own country, Canada.

Heather Loa

Content Development Specialist

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Experienced specialist in marketing, consumer behavior and business development. MBA from Preston University Islamabad, Pakistan and BBA in Marketing and Finance. Throughout his experience Omar has played a major role in the development and marketing of more than 15 products for the largest telecom company in Somalia.

Omer Jacfar Salah

Marketing Expert

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Masters of Philosophy in Demography and Statistics. Expert in the fields of Research, Data Analysis, Demography and M&E. Abdirisak consulted with many organizations including public, private and non-governmental organizations in Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia and Somaliland.

Abdirisak Ahmed

Demography & Statistics

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Vice President, Research & Publication, (MFPC) (Malaysia) & Academic Director, SIFA (Singapore). Prior to that he was an Associate Professor at the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) Malaysia. Prof Ahcene Lahsasna is a founding member and Board Member of the International Academy of Financial Consumer (IAFICO) in South Korea. PhD, Shariah RFP, Shariah Advisor, Certified Trainer.

Dr Ahcene Lahsasna

Banking and Sharia Auditor

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Islamic banking and finance professional with hands-on experience in the domain of product development, structuring, Shariah compliance, trade finance and audit, etc. Jassim holds MA in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management from the University of Gloucestershire, UK with distinction and MA in Sukuk (Islamic bonds).

Jasim M. Ahmed

Islamic Banking Expert

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Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources Management with more than 15 years of experience with multinational companies across the world. Visited many countries like Egypt, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tunis, Jordan, Pakistan & UAE for recruitment campaigns interviewing more than 3000 candidates from different countries in role as Executive Member of Interview Panel.

Kashif N. Chaudary

HR & Recruitment Expert

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A certified Entrepreneurship Master Trainer with over 10 years of experience as a Trainer, Entrepreneur and Business Developer. Expert in International Trade and Strategic Management. B.A. Degree in Business Management, B.Sc. in Information Systems, Masters in Business Administration-MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Interest Free Banking and Finance.

Leyla Nassir Kemal

Certified Entrepreneur

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Certified Public Auditor (CPA – K) and Bachelors of Commerce in Finance from Egerton University where he was awarded First Class Honour in the year December 2016. Adan is a senior auditor by profession with an in-depth knowledge of Public and NGO Auditing. He has worked with many International Organizations including UN, INGOs and Public Institutions.

Adam M. Farah

CPA & CS Certified

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Fatima Bashir is a Graduate of Multimedia University Malaysia, majoring in Human Resource Management and holds MBA and dual HR certification. She is a member of both the Malaysia & Singapore institutes of Human Resource Management. Fatima is a Human resources professional with expertise in Training, Employee Relations, Recruitment, Research and Analysis, Organizational Development and Institutional Design.

Fatima Bashir

HR Specialist

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Auditor & a member of Certified Public Accountant of Kenya. Association of Certified Chartered Accountant-Affiliate member. Financial Manager, Risk and compliance expert for Non-Governmental Organizations. Forensic accounting & investigations auditor for Public and Private Sector Entities. Micro/Capacity-assessment, due diligence and Spot Check Expert. Monitoring and Evaluation and Beneficiaries Call Centers Skills

Anis Digale

Certified Auditor (CPA&ACCA)

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Economist, Professor and Researcher. Master of Finance and Control (MFC). Ph.D in Islamic Finance. Dr Yattoo is the head of the Department of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance at International Open University. Dr Yattoo is also the Founder of Kashmir Research Forum.

Dr. Nissar A. Yatoo

Economist & Researcher

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Human Resources generalist with 17 years progressive experience in Operations and HR management in the corporate, humanitarian aid and development sectors. Her experiences range from running a department to providing HR operations support to a region of 9 countries.

Shukri Ibrahim

Human Resource Generalist

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Community builder, Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and consultant for the government of Canada. Her experience spans from co-creating creative community engagement to co-founding international movements and managed multimillion projects. Samiya won The Women of the year award 2018 (for distinctive Social Activism). MA in Public Health, Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation and Systems Thinking.

Samiya Abdi

Innovation Expert

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Senior Academician at the University of Malawi and Business Communication specialist. Trained in Islamic leadership by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Islamic Finance at INCEIF in Malaysia. Headed Academic Departments at the University of Malawi and currently a member of Islamic Finance Task Force in Malawi.

Sufyan Rashid

Business Communication

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Certified Public Accountant from the United States with masters in Finance and Accounting and over 8 years of experience in business consulting, general accounting, governmental accounting, project management, financial planning and budgeting and financial analysis and reporting as well as internal and external audits. Hayat has worked for public, private and governmental entities. Her professional experience includes big four accounting firm PricewaterhouseCooper, Government of Canada and City of Seattle, Washington.

Hayat Ismail

Certified Public Accountant

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Managing Director of Waayeel Consulting Ltd, an expert in the fields of Islamic Banking, Finance, Entrepreneurship & leadership with more than a decade of work experience. Mr. Saed has worked in several countries including Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Somaliland / Somalia and Ethiopia. Mr. Saed has a BA in Economics and Political Science and Msc in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Saed Abdilahi Saed

Finance & Leadership Specialist

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Mohamed is Phd Candidate and International Shariah and Islamic finance trainer. He is Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA) designation and a member of AAOIFI. PhD candidate in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance, Master of Science holder in the same field and the graduate of Shariah and Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Mohamed Ali (Makawi)

Certified Sharia Auditor

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Human resource Professional, with over a decade experience in the areas of Employee Engagement, HR planning, recruitment & selection, learning and development, performance management, remuneration, employment law, employee relations as well as diversity and inclusiveness. MA in Human Resource Management.

Nebat Abbas

Human Resource Professional

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MBA in Human Resource Management and BBA in Marketing. Senior trainer and facilitated various workshops and trainings, and gained extensive knowledge, experience and effective training methods that promote a stimulating learning environment. His expertise mainly lies in human resource management, marketing and sales, customer care, motivation and communication skills.

Mahdi Mohamoud

HR & Marketing Specialist

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Dr. Amina Omar Mohamud, Phd in Islamic Finances, lecturer and the Dean of School of Graduates at Simad University, Mogadishu. Bsc in General Business from New York University, US. MBA in Business Administration UKM, and MSc. In Banking UUM. Phd graduate from INCIEF – the Global University of Islamic Finance, Malaysia

Dr. Amina Omar

Islamic Finance Expert

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Strategic Management, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Corporate Marketing Expert. PhD in Entrepreneurship and Small business Management -University of Nairobi, MBA in Strategic Management-University of Nairobi, B Sc. in Dairy Science and Technology-Egerton University, Certified Securities and Investment Analyst(CSIA )-KASNEB

James M. Wangondu

Strategic Management & Entrepreneur

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